Biden’s Balancing Act: Israel’s National Security vs The Palestinians’ Humanitarian Crisis

By Dr Alon Ben-Meir* NEW YORK | 15 March 2024 (IDN) — In recent weeks, the Biden administration has found itself facing a serious dilemma as to how to balance its commitment to Israel’s national security along with the humanitarian crisis facing the Palestinians in Gaza. Whereas the United States provides military aid to Israel, […]

UN Commission Asked to Focus on “Horrific Violence” Against Women in Tigray War

By Caroline Mwanga NEW YORK | 12 March 2024 (IDN)— Julia Duncan-Cassell, Former Liberian Minister of Gender and President of the Brussels-based European External Programme with Africa (EPA), has highlighted the urgent need for action regarding the proliferation of conflict-related sexual violence in an Open Letter to the 68th annual Commission on the Status of […]

US-Funded Mission of Kenyan Forces Prepares For Battle With Gun-Toting Haitian Gangs

By Lisa Vives, Global Information Network NEW YORK | 4 March 2024 (IDN) — Some 1,000 Kenyan police officers are preparing to head out on a controversial mission to end deadly gang violence in Haiti. The last obstacle to the mission was reportedly lifted by a Kenyan court, which had ruled the deployment illegal because […]

Nigerian Workers on Strike as Fuel Prices Hike

By Lisa Vives, Global Information Network NEW YORK | 4 March 2024 (IDN) — Recently-elected Nigerian President Bola Tinubu gave hope to a country in need of a miracle. “The prospect of a better future merges with our improved capacity to create that future,” he promised a nation barely holding it together with ethnic and […]

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