South Korea, Under Nuclear Threat from the North, Reiterates its Commitment to NPT

By Tariq Rauf* VIENNA, Austria | 19 July 2024 (IDN) — Nuclear weapons were first introduced in the Korean Peninsula by the United States. Starting in January 1958, the US deployed 11 types of nuclear weapons in South Korea over the years until 1991 when they were withdrawn under the US/USSR Presidential Nuclear Initiatives. At one […]

Laos Could Become the New Southeast Asian Tourist Heaven 

By Kalinga Seneviratne VIENTIANE, Laos | 15 July 2024 (IDN) — Laos, the land-locked country of 7.5 million people, with scenic mountainous terrain, traversed by the Mekong River that flows through both Vientiane and the UNESCO World Heritage Buddhist city of Luang Prabang, and home to many remote hill tribes is now in the crest […]

Tonga: Ancestral Fishing Methods Could Help Out of the Crisis

By Marc ‘Ake* NUKU’ALOFA, Tonga | 12 July 2024 (IDN | Wansolwara) — With Climate Change and overfishing amongst the biggest contributions to the degradation of the marine environment in Tonga, the  government has cracked down on overfishing by devising certain timeframes in the year for the fishing and harvest of certain endangered marine species.There […]

Uruguay Can Propel Relations between South America and China

By Ignacio Bartesaghi* This article was issued by Dialogue Earth and is being republished under the Creattive Commons license. MONTEVIDEO | 5 July 2024 (IDN) — Since the transformations that took place in China in the 1970s, which led to the so-called “economic miracle” that saw millions of Chinese people lifted out of poverty, the […]

Next Asian Hotspot: “Outsiders” Could Trigger Conflict in The Himalayas

Viewpoint by Kalinga Seneviratne BANGKOK | 27 June 2023 (IDN) — Current geopolitical tensions in the Asian region — what China calls “outsiders interfering in the region to create conflict”— spreading to India’s Himalayan borders, threatening India’s and the region’s security. The conflict in India’s north-eastern state of Manipur bordering Myanmar is already beginning to […]

Solomon Islands: Coconut Industry Face Extinction

By Stephen Diisango* HONIARA, Solomon Islands | 21 June 2024 (IDN | Wansolwara) — The hostile, coconut rhinoceros beetle (CRB) is threatening Solomon Islands coconut plantations likely subjecting to extinction. It poses a serious threat to the country’s coconut industry unless urgent steps are taken to exterminate this coconut pest once and for all. Known […]

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