Iceland Imports Foreign Workers but Does Not Employ Asylees

By Lowana Veal REYKJAVIK, Iceland. 19 September 2023 (IDN) — Facing a shortage of workers in the hospitality and construction sectors, Iceland has started importing foreign labour while at the same time refusing to give employment permits to asylum seekers.  Since early August 2023, at least 58 asylum seekers have been deprived of accommodation, food […]

Beyond the ‘Blue Curtain of Secrecy’ in Croatia

Conversation with the Head of the Croatian Criminal Police By Aurora Weiss VIENNA (IDN) — The esprit de corps, the misunderstood sense of togetherness, means that the police officers cover for one another. In such a culture, valuing loyalty over integrity facilitates misconduct by keeping it concealed. That’s why The United Nations Convention against Corruption […]

EU Cracks a Gentle Whip at Iran

By M.K. Bhadrakumar* This article was produced in partnership with Indian Punchline and Globetrotter. NEW DELHI (IDN) — The European Union has returned to the ritual of sanctioning Iran to leverage its foreign and security policies. The highlight of the EU Foreign Affairs Council ministerial meeting in Brussels on December 12 was the imposition of […]

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