Women and Girls Can Help Tackle Some of The World’s Biggest Challenges

By Caroline Mwanga NEW YORK (IDN) – Nearly 90 per cent of future jobs will require some form of ICT (information and communication technology) skills, according to a new World Economic Forum report, ‘The Future of Jobs‘. The fastest growing job categories are related to STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), and recent studies indicate […]

Let’s Train Humans First … Before We Train Machines

Viewpoint by Hazel Henderson* JACKSONVILLE, Florida (IDN) – We humans are at the absurd stage in our technological evolution when we seem to have abandoned our common sense. Billions are spent by governments, corporations and investors in training computer-based algorithms (i.e. computer programs) in today’s mindless rush to create so-called “artificial” intelligence, widely advertised as […]

Small Island Developing States Reiterate Commitment to Sustainable Development

By J Nastranis NEW YORK (IDN) – Confronted with the increased effects of climate change, natural disasters, and the outsized impacts of global economic shocks on small economies, Small Island Developing States (SIDS) have resolved to strengthen their efforts to achieve sustainable development. The ‘Apia Outcome’ – adopted at the conclusion of a three-day meeting […]

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