Sri Lanka: Between Gratefulness to Iran and Reservations of a Community

By Kalinga Seneviratne ALIKOTA ARA, Wellawaya, Sri Lanka | 2 May 2024 (IDN) — Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi made a one-day visit to Sri Lanka on 24 April amid tight security to declare open an Iran-assisted mega power and agricultural development project that would provide power to the national grid and water to farmers in […]

A Growing Water Crisis Risks Military Conflicts & Undermines UN’s Development Goals

By Thalif Deen UNITED NATIONS | 23 March 2024 (IDN) — The volatile politics of the Middle East have long been dominated by the fluctuating fortunes of a single treasured commodity: Oil. “Whenever we dig for water in our parched deserts”, a diplomat from the Middle East once confessed, “we end up striking oil”. But […]

Water is life. Nourishing Humanity from the Ancient Past to the Future

A Feature by The Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN (FAO) BERLIN | ROME | 15 October 2023 (FAO) — Water is finite but an infinitely valuable natural resource. Without it, there would be no food and no life.   Centuries ago, the inventive nature of humankind spurred farmers to discover ways to irrigate crops, […]

Avoiding Transboundary Waters Conflicts: A Tale of Two Treaties

Viewpoint by Robert Sandford Robert Sandford is a Global Water Futures Fellow at the UN University’s Canadian-based Institute for Water, Environment and Health (UNU-INWEH), which is supported by the Government of Canada and hosted at McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario. The Institute marks its 25th anniversary in 2021. HAMILTON, Canada (IDN) — The outdated treaties, compacts, […]

What Water Means to Human Life and Biological Resources

Viewpoint by John Scales Avery* COPENHAGEN (IDN) — I have attempted to explain the vital relationship between water and life in my new freely downloadable book, which can be circulated, from the link: Also, on its home page for World Water Day, commemorated on March 22 this year, the United Nations explains what water […]

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