NGOs Urge Security Council to Enforce UN Court Orders on Israeli Actions in Rafah

By Rodney Reynolds UNITED NATIONS | 28 May 2024 (IDN) — A coalition of 19 non-governmental organizations* (NGOs), including Oxfam, the Norwegian Refugee Council, Action Aid and CARE, has called on all five permanent and 10 elected members of the UN Security Council to enforce the International Court of Justice’s (ICJ) orders regarding Israel’s actions […]

People’s Tribunal on Nuclear Weapons Convicts Leaders

BERLIN | SYDNEY (IDN | UNFOLDZERO) – An International Peoples’ Tribunal on Nuclear Weapons and the Destruction of Human Civilisation held in Sydney handed down its judgement on August 16 affirming the illegality of any use or threat to use nuclear weapons and convicting the leaders of the nine nuclear-armed States of war crimes, crimes against humanity, crimes against peace and crimes of threatening, planning and preparing acts which would constitute genocide, ecocide and omnicide (the destruction of humanity as a species).

The tribunal also considered a test case against Malcolm Turnbull, the leader of Australia, which is one of the states under extended nuclear deterrence relationship with the United States. Turnbull was convicted for complicity, i.e. aiding and abetting the planning and preparation for the use of nuclear weapons, which would constitute a crime, and for making illegal threats to facilitate and support the use nuclear weapons.

Interview: Human Rights for All in an Equal World

Following is the text of an interview Milena Rampoldi of a German NGO, ProMosaik e.V. conducted with Ramesh Jaura, Director-General and Editor-in-Chief of the International Press Syndicate with headquarters in Berlin and associate headquarters in Tokyo and Toronto. Jaura is also co-founder and President of the Global Cooperation Council established in 1983. This interview was carried by Pro Mosaik on 24 January 2016.

EU Approached Canada to Rework ‘Investor Protection’ in Free Trade Deal

By Global Justice Now

LONDON – The Canadian broadcaster CBC reported on January 21 that the “EU quietly asks Canada to rework trade deal’s thorny investment clause.”  The CBC report speculates that the free trade deal “risks a humiliating defeat on a ratification vote expected at the EU’s parliament in Brussels this fall, unless a compromise can be reached to appease moderate opponents.”

Greece Needs Broad Reform of Police Powers

ATHENS (INPS) – In a letter and briefing paper to the alternate minister for citizen protection, Nikolaos Toskas, Human Rights Watch has urged the Greek government to take formal steps to limit overly broad police stop-and-search powers.

Greece’s government told Human Rights Watch in December 2015 that it will amend a police circular governing the procedure for taking someone into police custody following a stop, for further confirmation of the person’s identity. But the government has not addressed gaps in the law that lead to groundless and sometimes abusive identity checks.

Yemen in Dire Need of a Political Solution

SANA’A (INPS | ICRC) – The International Committee of the Red Cross is calling for an urgent political solution to alleviate the suffering of millions of people in the country. The ICRC’s Regional Director for the Near and Middle East, Robert Mardini, says Yemen is fast-becoming one of the world’s ‘forgotten conflicts’.


The people of Yemen have suffered conflict for nine long months. Since fighting began in March 2015 more than five thousand people have been killed and more than thirty-thousand injured. Over two million have fled their homes in search of safety. Even for those who can still live at home, normal life has become virtually impossible. 

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