Canada and U.S. Jointly Backing Up Ukraine, NATO

By Jim Garamone, DOD News This report was issued by the U.S. Department of Defense. WASHINGTON, D.C. (IDN) — Canada and the United States are in lockstep in their support for Ukraine in its fight against Russia, defense leaders said following Pentagon meetings on April 28. Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III hosted Canadian […]

Racial Bias Against Blacks Fleeing Ukraine

By Lisa Vives, Global Information Network NEW YORK (IDN) — As the US prepares to welcome tens of thousands of Ukrainians fleeing war, scores of African and Caribbean refugees are being sent back to unstable and violent homelands where they face rape, torture, arbitrary arrest and other abuses. Racial bias? An African refugee thinks so.

EU and US Allocate Funds to Assist Refugees in Moldova

By Kester Kenn Klomegah* MOSCOW | CHISINAU (IDN) — The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Geneva, Switzerland, has documented almost five million refugees streamlining from the war-ravaged Ukraine crossing borders, most often with difficulties, especially into neighbouring Poland, Baltic republics, Moldova, Romania, and Hungary.

Ukraine: South Africa Slates European Nations at UN Over Treatment of Fleeing Africans

By Jonisayi Maromo,  Independent Online (IOL) PRETORIA (IDN) — The South African government has thrown its weight behind the statement of the African Union (AU), which expressed concern over the treatment of Africans fleeing the war in Ukraine. Ambassador Mathu Joyini, South Africa’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations delivered a statement at an emergency […]

In Norway, Even Prime Minister Not Above COVID Law

Viewpoint by Shastri Ramachandaran NEW DELHI (IDN) — On April 9, Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg was fined 20,000 kroner ($2,352) for breach of COVID rules during her 60th birthday celebration on February 26. It was nothing remotely like the Shashti Abda Poorti (celebrating completion of 60 years of age) seen in India.

A Slaughterhouse for Workers

It’s Not Romanians Spreading The Virus, It’s Capitalism Viewpoint by Vladimir Bogoeski * BERLIN (IDN) – While the world heaps praise on Germany’s successful response to the Covid-19 pandemic, recent events have thrown a dark shadow on the shiny image. Although its political leadership, unlike that of France and the US, did not frame the […]

What Sinn Féin’s Election Success Means for Irish Relations with the EU and Brexit

Viewpoint by Mary C. Murphy* CORK, Ireland (IDN) – Ireland’s traditionally centre-right conservative political system has been rocked by a wave of support for Sinn Féin in the February 8 general election. The previously small left-wing republican party, with historic links to the paramilitary Provisional Irish Republican Army, now has legitimate ambitions to form part […]

Why Brexit Has Not and Will Not Trigger EU Disintegration

Viewpoint by Douglas Webber* LONDON (IDN) – Brexit could radically change the UK. Both Scottish independence and Northern Ireland breaking away from Britain are conceivable and Boris Johnson’s government has a lot on his plate when it comes to negotiating the country’s future relationship with the EU, all the while delivering on the promised benefits […]

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