The World Appears to Be Getting Happier

By Jonathan Power LUND, Sweden | 20 February 2024 (IDN) — Can we be happier? It is difficult to be happy when there is war in Ukraine, in Gaza, Myanmar and the Sudan. According to a new map I saw this morning, there have been over 50,000 wars since counting began, overwhelmingly concentrated in Europe. […]

UN Meeting Agrees Actions for the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals 

By Jutta Wolf BERLIN | 19 February 2024 (IDN) — While human migration continues to stir up emotions, the world’s migratory species that undertake astonishing journeys between ecosystems, often through air, land and water—increasingly damaged by unsustainable human activities—remain out of focus. The State of the World’s Migratory Species report—launched at the start of the […]

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