A New UN Report Warns of Slow Progress Towards SDG16

By Reinhard Jacobsen VIENNA. 23 September 2023 (IDN) — A first-of-its-kind report jointly produced by three United Nations organizations, shows that progress towards achievement of Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 16 is worryingly slow, with limited information to drive evidence-informed policies. The report calls for urgent action and substantial investment on Goal 16 to expand data […]

Pope Francis’ Special Envoy Goes to China to Seek Peace in Ukraine

By Devin Watkins BERLIN | ROME. 14 September 2023 (IDN | VATICAN NEWS) — Pope Francis’ special envoy, Cardinal Matteo Mario Zuppi, the Archbishop of Bologna, is visiting Beijing on 13-15 September to seek peace in Ukraine, according to The Holy See Press Office. “The visit (to China) forms another step of the mission desired […]

Saudi Arabia, Under Fire for Civilian Killings, is Largest Buyer of US Arms

By Thalif Deen UNITED NATIONS. 14 September 2023 (IDN) — Saudi Arabia, one of the world’s richest oil-blessed countries in the politically volatile Middle East, continues to strengthen its military relationship with the United States. According to the latest figures released by the US Department of Commerce, Saudi Arabia is America’s’ largest foreign military sales […]

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