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We voice the concerns and aspirations of the young and the old, women and men around the world. 

We promote a culture of peace. It is the bedrock of social justice and global citizenship. 

Our news reports, analyses, feature stories and viewpoints aim at achieving the UN’s sustainable development goals. These need a nuclear-weapons-free world.

IDN-InDepthNews is the flagship agency of the Non-profit International Press Syndicate Group.

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Your solidarity subscriptions of €50 or $50 monthly would enable us to consolidate and strengthen our global news network. It would ensure people-centred and professional journalism. 

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Work with us: We invite you to contribute news features and viewpoints on efforts at all levels to achieve sustainable development in three vital dimensions –- economic, social and environmental.

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Encourage: We request you to encourage your acquaintances and friends to come forward with solidarity subscriptions to our complimentary weeklies — Tuesday’s ‘UN Insider’ and Thursday’s Beyond Breaking the News’ — and monthly newsletters SDGsforAll and Toward a Nuclear-Free World

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