NATO Secretary General Will Tell You Who Started the Ukraine War

By Benjamin Abelow* MONTCLAIR, NEW JERSEY, USA | 15 October 2023 (IDN | Independent Media Institute) — There are two competing narratives about the origins of the Ukraine War. According to one narrative, Vladimir Putin is a Hitler-like aggressor. He wants to reestablish the Soviet empire by swallowing Ukraine and threatening the Baltic countries, Poland, […]

Embarrassing Facts, Truth and Reality for Peace in Ukraine

Viewpoint by Somar Wijayadasa* NEW YORK. 28 September 2023 (IDN) — Addressing the current United Nations General Assembly (missed by leaders of China. Russia, France and Britain), Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said, “Today, the rhetoric of our opponents is filled with slogans: ‘invasion’, ‘aggression’, ‘annexation’ and not a single word about the root causes […]

Ukraine Conflict: A Peace Proposal to Avert an All-Out War

By Michael von der Schulenburg* VIENNA. 25 September 2023 (IDN) — At the end of August this year, four highly respected German personalities presented a peace proposal for ending the war in Ukraine through a ceasefire and subsequent peace negotiations: It is arguably the most comprehensive and groundbreaking peace proposal made by any government, international […]

Pope Francis’ Special Envoy Goes to China to Seek Peace in Ukraine

By Devin Watkins BERLIN | ROME. 14 September 2023 (IDN | VATICAN NEWS) — Pope Francis’ special envoy, Cardinal Matteo Mario Zuppi, the Archbishop of Bologna, is visiting Beijing on 13-15 September to seek peace in Ukraine, according to The Holy See Press Office. “The visit (to China) forms another step of the mission desired […]

Ukrainian Refugees—Mostly Women—Reluctant to Return Home

Ukrainian Refugees—Mostly Women—Reluctant to Return Home By Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury* DHAKA. 7 September 2023 (IDN) — In the wake of the conflict in Ukraine that erupted on 24 February 2022, millions of Ukrainians sought refuge in various countries across Europe and beyond. A unique feature of this refugee flow, however, is its striking gender […]

IPPNW Seeks Ban on Military Attacks on Nuclear Power Plants

By Aurora Weiss VIENNA. 18 August 2023 (IDN) — The International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW) has called on member states of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) to condemn any attacks on nuclear facilities, including reactors unequivocally, spent fuel storage facilities and other critical infrastructure or personnel. Nuclear power plants should not […]

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