Roundtable on Current U.S. Foreign Policy: Militarism Unhinged

By Phyllis Bennis, Jackson Lears and Jeffrey Sachs NEW YORK | 12 April 2024 (IDN) — I invited three insightful analysts of present-day U.S. foreign policy to share their thoughts in a roundtable discussion. Here are excerpts from Phyllis Bennis, Jackson Lears and Jeffrey Sachs. — Norman Solomon. Question: How would you assess the most important aspects of current […]

How Finland Succeeded In Reducing Homelessness

By Sarah Britz from the Swedish street paper Faktum This article was issued by the International Network of Street Papers and is being republished with their permission. GOTHENBURG, Sweden | 11 April 2024 (IDN)—Nearly twenty years ago, Finland opened the door to Housing First, a system in which people experiencing homelessness are provided with housing […]

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