Bringing Local Sustainable Development to Scale

By Yossef Ben-Meir* MARRAKECH, Morocco | 22 July 2024 (IDN) — For many organizations and agencies around the world, the matter of scaling local successes of development remains a seemingly insurmountable challenge and obligation. When participating in conferences, strategic planning, open forums, and studies on this critical necessity, so much of the consideration is focused […]

South Korea, Under Nuclear Threat from the North, Reiterates its Commitment to NPT

By Tariq Rauf* VIENNA, Austria | 19 July 2024 (IDN) — Nuclear weapons were first introduced in the Korean Peninsula by the United States. Starting in January 1958, the US deployed 11 types of nuclear weapons in South Korea over the years until 1991 when they were withdrawn under the US/USSR Presidential Nuclear Initiatives. At one […]

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