If it Bleeds, it Leads

By Thalif Deen* UNITED NATIONS | 24 July 2024 (IDN) — Tarzie Vittachi, a renowned Sri Lankan newspaper editor and one-time deputy executive director of the UN children’s agency UNICEF, once recounted the story of an African diplomat who sought his help to get coverage in the US media for his prime minister’s address to […]

NGOs Call for Breaking the Impasse on Disarmament

By J. Nastranis NEW YORK | 23 July 2024 (IDN) — A joint statement for the Second Preparatory Meeting for the 2026 NPT Review Conference by nearly 50 non-governmental organisations (NGOs) —which focus on arms control negotiations—delivered on July 23 by Daryl G. Kimball of the Arms Control Association, calls for “Breaking the Impasse of […]

Bringing Local Sustainable Development to Scale

By Yossef Ben-Meir* MARRAKECH, Morocco | 22 July 2024 (IDN) — For many organizations and agencies around the world, the matter of scaling local successes of development remains a seemingly insurmountable challenge and obligation. When participating in conferences, strategic planning, open forums, and studies on this critical necessity, so much of the consideration is focused […]

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