Drawing by Imadh Azeez against the backdrop of Colombo - Photo: 2022

Sri Lanka Crisis: A Poetic Perspective

The following poem is by H.A. Azeez. It accompanies a drawing by Imadh Azeez. ‘Aragalaya’ is the Sinhalese for ‘struggle’, now synonymous with the movement that led to the fall of the government in Sri Lanka.

My Aragalaya

By H. A. Azeez

How audacious you must be, man

To ask my opinion and how I feel

About my freedom and about my future

While controlling my language, my voice

You want me to accept you as my lord

And your unrelenting hold over me,

Giving me your own choice of words

Which I’ll utter not, lest it might define me

With your eyes fully covered by racism

You loudly claim to have an innate vision

With a bleeding rod of a strange logic

You will never crack the hanging pot

Your devil dance in its cruellest form

My country isn’t the stage to hold

I refuse to wear the mask you offer

My struggle is to draw the curtain down.

— Drawing: Imadh Azeez

[IDN-InDepthNews — 26 July 2022]

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