Realizing the UN’s Vision: Steps Toward a New Architecture for Peace

By Jordan Ryan* This article was issued by the Toda Peace Institute and is being republished with their permission. ATLANTA, Georgia, USA. (IDN) — Today’s world is beset by complex and interlinked global challenges—from the existential threat of climate change to rising geopolitical tensions reminiscent of the Cold War. Devastating conflicts rage internally in nations […]

Albania, As UNSC Chair, To Launch Private Sector Alliance for Humanitarian Aid

By Arul Louis* United Nations. 2 September 2023 (IDN) — Albania, which holds the presidency of the Security Council this month, is planning to launch a platform for the private sector to work with the world organization in providing humanitarian assistance, according to the nation’s Permanent Representative Ferit Hoxha. On 1 September, he said that […]

The UN Charter Must Remain the Heart and Soul of Any New Peace Architecture

By Michael von der Schulenburg* This article is a contribution to the German peace movement’s pamphlet on the occasion of this year’s Anti-War Day on September 1. On this day, 84 years ago, the German Reich marched into Poland and ignited the Second World War, bringing indescribable destruction, misery and suffering to Europe and the […]

Women and Girls Can Help Tackle Some of The World’s Biggest Challenges

By Caroline Mwanga NEW YORK (IDN) – Nearly 90 per cent of future jobs will require some form of ICT (information and communication technology) skills, according to a new World Economic Forum report, ‘The Future of Jobs‘. The fastest growing job categories are related to STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), and recent studies indicate […]

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