Why Nukes Cast No Shadow on Indian Psyche

By Jayita Sarkar*
IDN-InDepth NewsViewpoint

NEW DELHI (IDN) – In the wake of the Indo-U.S. nuclear deal of 2008 allowing India to engage in civilian nuclear trade, protest movements have emerged in several sites chosen for the construction of new nuclear power plants. India is aiming to establish at least thirty nuclear reactors and derive a quarter of its electricity needs from nuclear energy by 2050.

With the establishment of the Atomic Energy Research Committee in 1946 and adoption of the Atomic Energy Act in 1948, India had proceeded rather early on the path of atomic energy.

Together Asia and Europe Can Counter Violent Extremism

By Shada Islam*
IDN-InDepth NewsViewpoint

The EU and the U.S. are engaged in active discussions on countering radicalization – but the focus inevitably is on “Islamist” groups, especially so-called “home-grown” American and European radicals of Muslim descent, or Muslim converts, who run the risk of being recruited by Al Qaeda. Norway’s July 22 tragedy should spark a strong global debate on combating rising intolerance and the challenge all countries face in establishing – and maintaining – societies which embrace and encourage diversity and give full freedoms and fundamental rights to minorities.

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