Photo: Sri Lanka police withdrew the stay-home order issued on July 8. Source: ndtv - Photo: 2022

The Elephant in the Room: Geopolitics and the ‘Great Reset’ in Sri Lanka

Viewpoint by Darini Rajasingham-Senanayake*

“But to watch cricket, there has to be a country left for us to watch it in, no?” A fan at the Galle Test Match that ended with an innings victory for Sri Lanka. July 11, 2022.

COLOMBO (IDN) — Spirits were high on July 11 when the Sri Lankan cricket team beat the visiting Aussies by an innings even though the country was in its worst economic crisis ever due to a lack of Dollars to buy fuel caused by an International Sovereign Bond (ISB), debt trap and Staged Default.

The cricket victory followed a magical weekend in which the Aragalaya, or peoples’ struggle, exceeded all expectations, staging multiple coups to peacefully claim both the Presidential Palace and the Prime Minister’s official residence. Massive waves of protestors unseated the island’s President and PM without a single person killed in the gunfire. Later the protestors cooled off in the Presidential pool and had impromptu concerts celebrating what appeared to be a successful regime change operation.

There’s never a dull moment in this strategically located emerald island perpetually in the cross hairs of big power rivalry! Even though the confrontations in Colombo were replete with barricade breaches, water cannon charges and tear-gas sprayed, the police and military conceded to peoples’ power after brief stand-offs with unarmed protestors.

This was also at the urging of an eminent group of religious leaders in this multi-faith land of Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, Christians and myriad local gods, spirits, and sentient beings.

Fewer people have died in 100 days of massive protests in Sri Lanka than in a single day of gun violence in the United States. However, the island is invariably portrayed as a space of (ethnoreligious) violence in media, expert analysis and ethnography. This speaks volumes about where the violence originates in the global military business industrial complex.

The bright spot was that the Sri Lankan armed forces had shown little interest in military takeovers for foreign-backed dictators despite being trained in “inter-operability” by various big powers fishing in the Indian Ocean! This was another cause for hope, peace, DEBT JUSTICE, debt cancellation and victory in International Monetary Fund (IMF) talks—if only the external actors staging the crisis would let up!

Although no one was killed during protests, the new acting president came to power in a lightning-strike Arab Spring regime change operation on May 12 during an island-wide curfew with the military on the streets. Some big powers fishing in Sri Lanka’s troubled waters have a terrible habit of installing chosen Dictators in strategic countries.

Ranil Wickremasinghe, who lost his parliament seat, decimated his own political party at the last elections, and whose house was partially burned by protestors, is now Acting President! He is the Chief architect of the Central Bank Bond scam in 2015 that opened the door to vulture funds like Blackrock that engage in reckless lending and odious debt that has caused the Debt trap and has never made a secret of his fondness for the West.

Wickremasinghe termed the protestors who wanted him out “fascists” and gave all power to the military to do whatever it takes to maintain law and order and protect the Constitution! So, the scene is now set for a deadlier turn as an Indian Ocean war game heats up.

Three layers to the Crisis

There are three layers and dynamics—economic, political and geopolitical—to the Crisis in Sri Lanka.

Although least discussed, geopolitics would likely determine the outcome of compounding crises in the country as a new Cold War hots up: Last week, Vladimir Zelensky, Ukrainian President beloved of the Corporate Media that crafts the narrative weighed in on Sri Lanka at a Global Leadership meeting in Seoul, Korea, where he claimed that Russia was the cause of the island nation’s unrest!

Zelensky did not mention Covid-19 lockdowns, economic and institutional debilitation over two years as part of “Shock Doctrine” and Digital Colonialism to enable what Naomi Klein has termed “humanitarian disaster capitalism” or the fact that the Weaponization of the US dollar with sanctions had ruined many countries. But this may be backfiring as London-based economist Michael Roberts noted: “the dollar’s decades-long dominance has placed America in a strong position to dictate the terms of trade and finance for the last 70 years, but its dominance has been waning gradually”. More countries are de-dollarizing at this time.[i]

Zelensky had no idea that Sri Lanka’s biggest problem was a shortage of “exorbitantly privileged’ US dollars due to the International Sovereign Bond (ISB) debt trap—the result of the odious debt owed to US-based vulture funds like Black Rock that received huge US-Government Covid-19 bailout funds to debt-trap and asset strip in countries like Sri Lanka. This has triggered the Default and fuel shortage in strategic Sri Lanka at the centre of Indian Ocean Sea Lanes of Communication—so the IMF could enter the fray.

The Financial Times noted recently that “Western nations have introduced unprecedented financial sanctions on Russia, including on the country’s central bank, which have the potential to decimate its economy. Experts say they amount to full-scale financial warfare of an unheard-of nature and scope.[ii] While the dollar has been weaponised against sanctions-hit Russia, Sri Lanka is starved of Russian oil, seemingly to deepen the crisis ex poste facto the default?!

Indeed, as several analysts have noted, US-led NATO sanctions on big oil-producing countries like Russia, Iran and Venezuela and speculation by traders in commodities futures are the primary source of the current global fuel trade disruption, related food shortages and soaring oil prices! Oil companies have never made more profit, just like big Pharma companies did during Covid-9 lockdowns and mass injection campaigns.

QUAD, Cricket and Disinformation

Who said, “Cricket is the Opiate of the masses of South Asia?” QUAD cricket teams from India, Australia (and now Pakistani), have played flood-lit matches despite power outages in Sri Lanka in the past two months to keep the natives entertained and distracted from the Big Picture – geopolitics and great power contest in the strategic Indian Ocean Island as the crisis unfolds! Of course, the corporate media that crafts the narrative also helps.

The last ship bringing Russian oil to the Sapugaskanda oil refinery docked in the Colombo Port, South Asia’s busiest, at the end of May, after which the US Marines have been conducting Sea Vision training in Sri Lanka, as oil tankers that were due in the months of June-July in the oil staved country disappeared into thin air like the dollars paid for them via cyber hacks of data on the Government Cloud, as happened to the National Medicines Regulatory Authority during a Covid-19 injection purchasing spree in 2020?!

The Eagle had landed with the IMF team and “special US Advisors” in town with Lazard, Clifford and Chance representing bond traders to bailout ISB holders? Was the disappearance of ships bringing Russian oil and gas to the strategic island for six weeks in June-July and compounding ex poste the staged default linked to the fact that US Department of Defense “Sea Vision” operations were on-going with the Sea Vision Technical Assistance Field Team [iii]?

A Russian Aeroflot Airlines plane was also mysteriously grounded at the BIA International Airport in a scenario of Lawfare. Aeroflot suspended all flights to Sri Lanka after a court ordered the seizure of one of its Airbus A330s on June 2. The case was dismissed a month later, but the episode seemed designed to disrupt relations between the two countries and impede the possibility of fuel deliveries from Russia, which has de-dollarized and does not take US dollars.

As citizens died in petrol queues, Prime Minister Wickremasinghe stated on June 10th: “If we can get oil from any other sources, we will get from there. Otherwise [we] may have to go to Russia again”.[iv] Wickremasinghe was clearly waiting for the IMF and Washington’s permission to buy oil from Russia!

Thus, the staged fuel crisis, a policy choice of the pro-US regime in Colombo, reached another milestone: In the first week of July, 120 flights to the island were diverted to India, effectively “islanding” and marooning the strategic country from the rest of the world during a news blackout![v]

While Indian media carried the story about planes diverted to Kochi and Thiruvananthapuram airports to help Lanka, the media that crafts the narrative on the island were silent about this. Failure to publish geopolitical analysis has often been attributed to a shortage of paper and newsprint!

The elephant in the room of Sri Lanka’s spiralling crisis appears to be balanced analysis and news of Geopolitics in the IOR and the Covid-19 induced ‘Global Reset’ to benefit the global corporates backed by the NATO-QUAD military business industrial complex.[vi] [IDN-InDepthNews – 21 July 2022]

Photo: Sri Lanka police withdrew the stay-home order issued on July 8. Source: ndtv

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