Photo: The power of Tomorrow's Peacebuilders: Willie Kerenga - Peace Direct - Photo: 2016

NEWSBRIEF: Kazakhstan Ready as Mediator in Africa

NEW YORK (IDN) – “Kazakhstan always stands ready to build peace in Africa as a steady and trusted mediator and partner”, the country’s deputy permanent representative to the UN, Ambassador Barlybay Sadykov told the Security Council during an open debate on ‘Peacebuilding in Africa’.

Kazakhstan was elected on June 28 as non-permanent member of the Security Council for 2017 and 2018.

In a statement on July 28, Sadykov urged the international community to develop and implement a coherent assistance strategy to rebuild Africa and declared that as a Member-Observer of the African Union and strong supporter of Africa’s revival, “Kazakhstan fully supports the vision of Africa 2063 to make the region conflict-free”.

The Peacebuilding Commission (PBC), more than ever, must serve as an advisory “bridging  role” among the various departments of the Secretariat, UN organs and entities and the field operations, convening also all relevant actors, together with the various units – political, human rights, rule of law, gender as well as peacekeeping operations and political  missions, Sadykov said.

He added: “Mediation, negotiations and reconciliation between conflicting sides aimed at resolving long-standing, as well as, newly emerging conflicts are the building blocks for the peace-building architecture.”

In addition, parliamentarians and religious leaders, together with civil society, private sector and the media constitute an influential stakeholder arrangement. They promote state­building, rule of law, good governance, protection of civilians, especially women children, disarmament of combatants, security and justice sector reform, and inclusive political processes.

This calls for broadening the concept of peace and stability from state­centred security to a people-oriented security – from purely military to non-military security, which includes food, water and energy security.

In this reconstruction process for Africa, the Women/Youth, Peace and Security Agenda must be overarching supported by civil society and the larger multi-stakeholder arrangement, Kazakhstan Deputy Permanent Representative said.

Kazakhstan believes that there is the need for a global development strategy to create just structures and a just world order that can eliminate conflict for all times because it is well-known that underdevelopment and financial as well as digital inequalities are the main causes of conflict, said Sadykov.

The Central Asian country is implementing together with the UNDP the Africa-Kazakhstan Partnership Project for Sustainable Development. It has also pioneered in establishing the Regional Centre for Excellence in Civil Service to prepare professionals based on meritocracy, and have the great potential for a partnership with Africa. [IDN-InDepthNews – 04 August 2016]

Photo: The power of Tomorrow’s Peacebuilders: Willie Kerenga – Peace Direct

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