Photo credit: Kazinform - Photo: 2018

Kazakh Peacemakers Exchange Experience with Indian Partners

ALMATY (IDN | KazInform) – Kazakhstan militaries are taking peacemaking training in New Delhi jointly with Indian colleagues. The classes are taking place at the UN Training Center.

The Kazakhstani peacemakers came to New Delhi to study the Indian experience to apply it in missions. Upon arrival they familiarized with the general provisions, structure and principles of the UN work.

The militaries are practicing patrolling, convoying and organization of service at the base camp.

At present the focus is on legal aspects and patrolling.

Peacemaking activity is very important to Kazakhstan in terms of international liabilities, promotion of military and political interests and the country’s authority in the world arena as a whole. [IDN-InDepthNews – 09 April 2018]

Photo credit: Kazinform

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