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Dr. Teruo Hirose

Viewpoint by Dr. Teruo Hirose *

TOKYO (IDN) – Under the influence of my father, who was a post-war liberal in Japan, senator, Vice-Minister of Education and Parliamentary Secretary when Prime Minister Shigeru Yoshida signed the San Francisco Peace Treaty in 1952, I also aimed to become a diplomat to bring about peace in the societies of the world. However, I soon began to aspire to becoming a physician, which I saw as a profession that could save more lives than just one person. SPANISH | GERMAN | HINDI | JAPANESE

Photo: Donald Trump is greeted by President Ronald Reagan at 1987 White House reception. Source: Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

Viewpoint by Donald A. Collins

WASHINGTON - After a week of the Republican National Convention, the widely reported comments of the nominee the morning of 7/22 about Ted Cruz and his family must be quite confusing to Trump’s supporters as it is to many other undecided voters who are thinking about voting for him.

And clearly things in America are not as dire as Trump’s acceptance speech postulated.

Terrorism has long been with us as Columbine (e.g., the Genesis of the current terrorist surge?) proved, but this onslaught of religiously or otherwise motivated kooks does not mean we should give up our civil liberties, which could well happen if we go down the road of enforcement suggested by Trump’s remarks.