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Horn of Africa

IDN-InDepthNews, as Flagship Agency of the Non-profit International Press Syndicate, is a platform for journalists, analysts, and experts informing and stimulating thinking on issues that impact our future in an increasingly interdependent world. IDN has been online since 2009. Its network crosses cultural and political barriers.

IDN-InDepthNews also serves as news channel of the International Press Syndicate's partner, the Global Cooperation Council that was established in February 1983.

The International Press Syndicate -- formerly Globalom Media Information, Communication, Publishing Agency established in March 2009 -- is committed to social and ethical responsibility.

Its online and print publications include 'Striving for People, Planet and Peace' and 'Toward A World Without Nuclear Weapons'.

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The Global Cooperation Council is a membership organization and a think tank devoted to genuine cooperation in the interest of fair globalization as well as the culture of peace, a prerequisite for sustainable global security. Registered in Berlin, Germany as a non-profit Organization | Registration no.: HRB 117573 5

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IDN-InDepthNews offers news analyses, features, reports and viewpoints that impact the world and its peoples. It has been online since 2009. Its network spans countries around the world.

IDN-InDepthNews serves as flagship agency of the International Press Syndicate and its partner, the Global Cooperation Council, established in February 1983.

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